Thanks Mom and Dad

Well, I’m officially in South Africa and ready begin my study abroad experience. Many who have been through this before describe their time abroad as “life changing”. I can attest to the fact that the first fifteen hours on my study abroad were not life changing. Hey, this is the longest time I’ve ever been on a plane, let alone just sitting in one place (if you know me, you probably just laughed). The time on the plane has only made me more eager for the next fifteen weeks. After an extended period of passing the time by with small talk, reading, and movies, we closed in on Johannesburg. Shoutout to the flight crew of South African Airways and my flight attendant for remembering how I take my coffee, black. This morning, after two cups of coffee, we began our descent.

That last 15 minutes between touchdown and debarking are the longest of the whole flight, aren’t they? After thanking the pilot, I was on South African soil, well really just the tunnel that leads to the gate, but same difference. Following that, I breezed through customs, said nobody, ever. I actually had to argue that my visa was legitimate. Let’s hope I can get back through in May. Anyway, I picked up my luggage and headed for the hotel which I’m spending my first night in. Immediately upon leaving the airport I was hit with a rush of new smells, some of them tropical, and others completely unrecognizable.

I checked into the hotel, dropped my bags in my room, and headed for the gym. Had to work off the last fifteen hours of inactivity. Then, lunch in the restaurant located just off the lobby. Everyone here is so friendly! Tomorrow, I will meet up with the group that I’ll spend the next three and a half months with. Monday, we head off the grid, literally. We will depart for Nylsvley which is a game reservation located ninety minutes North of Pretoria (in case you’re familiar with direction here in S. Africa). My syllabus says that there will not be internet until February 3rd. This is the part I’ve been waiting for (and my parents are dreading).

Speaking of my parents, I need to thank them for the love and support they’ve given me to make it to this moment. I wouldn’t be here without them, in fact, I wouldn’t be anywhere. I suppose being the favorite, I mean, first-born child has it’s perks. Mom, I’ll try to come back with all my limbs. Ciao for now.


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